Round of Applause

Round of Applause

I had my first taste of Suman Tea 2 years back and since then, I have been a loyal fan. I love the rich texture and wholesome aroma of Suman tea. What I admire the most is how the quality has been consistent. It truly gives a refreshing start to my day.

Juhi Chawla
Bollywood Actress

I really enjoy having Suman tea. Its been over two years since I have been drinking it. The best part about this tea is really very refreshing and original compare to other big brands. My family and I enjoys every cup of Suman Tea.

                                                                                                   Rahul Vaidya
India Idol Singer

I am thrilled to no end to have an opportunity to work with such seasoned Promoters of M.B Group since a decade now. I see them in a transition phase where they are willing to excel and constantly looking for an orbit migration.

                                                                                                  CA Bikram Kr Saraf
Endeavour Capital Advisors (P) Ltd

Nothing can be better in the day than getting up to a cup of strong and aromatic sip of good tea and Suman tea assures this gift each morning. “One the best breakfast teas that I have had the pleasure of trying. Highly recommended!”

                                                                                                  Neha Kakkar,
Playback Singer

Few of our Consumers

“I am writing to thank you for making such wonderful tea. I love the rich flavour of Suman tea, it’s quite different from the other regular Assam teas I’ve tasted. I’m definitely buying it again.”- Mitali Ghosh
“In bulk tea, often the quality gets compromised. But Sanyasihat Tea is one brand where the flavour is equally good every time. I don’t even look at other brands now!”- Udhyan Pradhan
“My family always buys tea in bulk and Rangeet tea is our most favourite brand. Excellent quality flavour and great price. I recommend it to all.”- Roshan Giri
“I always use Jeevanmoti Rice for my family. This rice is great value and also fantastically tasty. Once cooked it is fluffy and white and I never face a problem cooking this. I can highly recommend it.”- Anju Banerjee
“Rangeet Rice has a excellent packaging and very good rice. The rice cooks perfectly and tastes very well. The price is very reasonable too!”- RJ Nair
“I remember drinking Suman Express Tea first time at my friend’s place. I immediately asked which brand it was. This tea is so creamy in texture! Now I recommend it to all my friends.”- Benoy Pradhan